The fastest way to kill a scorpion is by crushing it with a shoe. However, that's not very practical. Learn about our "Kill Zone" technology that really zaps 'em dead.
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Thoroughly trained technicians using the highest grade and most effective products available perform all services. Each technician is fully certified by Arizona. Products are never diluted and are applied in an environmentally responsible manner.

Scorpion Expertise
Our expertise is in killing and controlling scorpions. The ďKill ZoneĒ™ is our flagship service that focuses on scorpions and the critters in their food chain. This is a unique technology weíve developed over several years at considerable cost: itís powerful and it works.

Other services include:

Unconditional Guarantee
If youíre dissatisfied with our service for any reason, call me, Bret Ward, Owner, and the matter will be resolved, period! Thatís it: simple and straight-forward - no weasel-out language; no legalese; no tiny print thatís unreadable - nothing but good honest business practice.

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