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Bee Service

Bee attacks can occur instantly without provocation and result in death!

If you see a beehive or several bees hovering around a specific area or object on your property Call us immediately – 480-473-2264 to dispatch a bee expert and assess the situation.

Africanized Killer Bee
This is the predominant species of honeybee found in Arizona. The daunting name "Killer Bee" is derived from their habit of aggressively attacking people and animals in swarms of thousands, often resulting in severe injury and sometimes death. Their vicious attacks often occur without provocation so the best defense is to ensure that your property and surrounding areas do not present attractive nesting sites.

Nesting Habits
Africanized Killer Bees nest in a variety of places so habits cannot be accurately predicted. They prefer hollow trees, walls, porches, sheds, attics, utility boxes, garbage containers, trash piles, and abandoned vehicles.

Proactive Safety Measures
Bee attacks cannot be prevented but taking the following actions will minimize them:
  • Vigilance - don't leave unnecessary items where bees can nest lying in your yard or surrounding area
  • Have your building or home professionally sealed by a team of our Service Specialists to prevent bees from nesting in wall cracks, attics, and other potentially attractive sites
Sonoran's Bee Service is fully guaranteed and includes the following:
  • Emergency rapid response service
  • Beehive removal
  • Honeycomb Extractions
Don't Take Chances With Bees!
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