The fastest way to kill a scorpion is by crushing it with a shoe. However, that's not very practical. Learn about our "Kill Zone" technology that really zaps 'em dead.
Did You Know?
Rodent Service

Tired Of Battling Rats…and Losing?

It's a lose-lose situation because you’re out of your element and out-numbered. Rodents get to know your home and yard very well - probably better than you do. They chew endlessly: electrical wires, patio furniture, and tree roots to anything else inside, on, or outside of your home are targets.

Easy Access To Your Home
Rodents enjoy the comforts of your home for many of the same reasons that your family does: convenience, shelter, and food. Some species can crawl through a ¼ inch gap and there is typically no shortage of access in most homes. Easy entry increases the safety risk to your family and home because rodents carry viruses and diseases, and are extremely destructive.

Many rodents carry the deadly Hantavirus and other diseases that can be transmitted to you through fresh urine, droppings, saliva or nesting materials. Easy to avoid… if you know what to look for.

Do It Yourself Remedies
Traps and other store bought devices with cheese or other bait will snare a rodent occasionally but will never seriously affect:
  • Their population growth
  • Interior and exterior home damage
  • Landscaping damage and destruction
  • Threat of deadly viruses
Sonoran's Unique Rodent Seal
During the past 3 years at considerable expense we’ve developed a proprietary silicon based sealant that’s so effective it’s guaranteed for the life of your home. It deters rodents, scorpions, and other pests from entering your home. In addition to sealing all visible gaps, our Rodent Seal Service includes:
  • Treat the attic
  • Attach screen coverings over roof vents and pipes
  • Cover exhaust fans
  • Strategically place bait traps, bait boxes, and glue boards
Don’t Believe Your Home Has Gaps? Take Our No-Risk Challenge:
  • Order a Rodent Seal Service
  • Walk your property with a team of our Rodent Specialists
  • They will show you 7 areas of rodent vulnerability in your home - if they can’t the service is FREE
Seal out rodents and pests NOW.
Call the experts at Sonoran Pest Control to take advantage of our “No-Risk” Challenge. Worst case is that you will have the industries finest Rodent Seal… along with the peace of mind to know that your family and home are safe from rodents and pests.