The fastest way to kill a scorpion is by crushing it with a shoe. However, that's not very practical. Learn about our "Kill Zone" technology that really zaps 'em dead.
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General Services

Reliable Pest Control Precisely When Scheduled … Isn't That What You Want?

There are few things more annoying that waiting for a service person to show up late for a scheduled appointment, or having it turn out to be a “no show”. We know and respect the importance of a commitment and have built our reputation on delivering the professional service you expect… when you expect it.

General Comprehensive Pest Control Services
Monthly or more frequent services includes spraying cracks, crevices, rocks, bushes, structures, e.g., bar-b-q pits, and other harborage points around the perimeter of your home for critters that include the following:
  • Scorpions
  • Crickets
  • Roaches
  • Spiders
  • Any other crawling bugs
Our Service Specialists will alert you for anything that seems to be out of the ordinary that they discover while on your property.

Highest Grade Products
Only the highest-grade, most effective, and environmentally responsible products available are used and applied in accordance with EPA standards. Products are NEVER diluted so you always receive the maximum possible protection.

Professional Service Specialists
Our Service Specialists are State certified and continually trained by product manufacturers to ensure current product knowledge, applications, and industry processes.

Award Winning Customer Service
You’re the boss at Sonoran Pest Control and your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed. Our Service Specialists are punctual, courteous, friendly, respectful of your property, and responsive to your requests. Your calls are always answered by a Service Specialist and responded to immediately.

Unconditional Guarantee
If you’re dissatisfied with our service for any reason, call me, Bret Ward, Owner, and the matter will be resolved, period! That’s it: simple and straight forward - no weasel-out language; no legalese; no tiny print – nothing but good honest business practice.

Call us NOW for a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our experts and learn how we can be of benefit to you and your family.