The fastest way to kill a scorpion is by crushing it with a shoe. However, that's not very practical. Learn about our "Kill Zone" technology that really zaps 'em dead.
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Arizona’s Bark Scorpion is Toxic… Don’t Take The Chance!

The Truth About Scorpions
Here’s a dirty little secret that most pest control companies won’t tell you: at best scorpions can be effectively managed, never eliminated. Not only do these ornery varmints multiply like crazy, they’re tough and difficult to kill in mass. That’s because there’s a waxy coating on their hard shell, which makes it difficult for a product to penetrate and kill them. The only points of vulnerability are their tiny joints.

The “Kill Zone”: How We Keep Your Family Safe From Scorpions
The most effective way to manage scorpions, keep your family safe, and rest easy is with our proven two-step “Kill Zone” technology. This process has been developed at considerable expense over the past 7 years, and uses the highest quality, most effective products available. The steps are as follows:
  • We create an effective, long lasting protective barrier around the perimeter of your home, in its nooks and crannies, rock beds, and other such places where scorpions congregate and breed. This process kills them and their food supply, which significantly reduces their population and in so doing checks reproduction.
  • The protective barrier is reinforced monthly to ensure that it’s providing maximum protection from scorpions. This step is necessary because Arizona’s harsh summer weather breaks down even the highest quality products and reduces their effectiveness.
This process protects you and your family by affecting scorpions in two ways:
  • Kills them directly when their joints are penetrated
  • Kills the critters in their food chain, particularly crickets - a heavy favorite, which causes them to move away from your home to seek more fertile feeding grounds.
Total Solution
The “Kill Zone” combined with our monthly maintenance service will ensure that your family and home have maximum protection from scorpions and other pests throughout the year.

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